Everything you need to know about veDFX and the benefits it can provide


veDFX stands for โ€˜voting-escrowedโ€™ DFX and is the governance token of the DFX Protocol.

veDFX Token Address: 0x3AC91A7A2d30Fa25AdA4616d337a28ea988988BE

It is a vesting and yield system based off of Curve and Angle's 'VE' token model. The key property of veDFX, beyond being a governance token, is that it is non-transferable, and it does not trade on liquid/open markets.

Key Features

You can obtain veDFX by locking up DFX for durations ranging from 1 week to 4 years. Shorter lock times yield smaller veDFX balances, diminishing linearly over time until they reach zero upon lock expiration. veDFX is pivotal for governance voting and routing DFX emissions through gauge weights in the protocol, allowing holders to shape its future. Governance proposals and gauge weight votes occur on-chain, executed via a multi-sig wallet.

Benefits for the Protocol

In the future, it may offer additional benefits such as eligibility for yields generated by other DFX protocol features. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Currently, its primary purpose is to:

  • Allocate voting power to long-term DFX holders/supporters through veDFX, aligning incentives.

  • Encourage user participation in the DAO by incentivizing locking (or staking) DFX.

  • Ensure compatibility with other 'VE' ecosystems.

  • Motivate other DAOs (Curve, Balancer, Aura, etc.) to engage with the DFX Protocol, expanding beyond stablecoin swaps.

  • Establish a bond-like utility for DFX and set a benchmark APR rate for staked DFX.


Gauges: Each liquidity pool has one and their weight (emission amount) is dependent on how the veDFX holders vote.

Epoch: The time it takes for a certain amount of blocks on the chain to be completed.

Emission: The rate and amount of rewards released to that gauge.

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