DFX Token

Voting power is tied to holding veDFX tokens, obtained by locking DFX tokens. veDFX holders can submit proposals, vote on protocol changes, and direct emissions to preferred liquidity pools across three blockchains, making decisions as a decentralized community/DAO.

DFX Token Addresses

CCIP Enabled DFX (Native Layer2 DFX):
Click the link below to learn how to bridge your DFX (L2) and or migrate your DFX PoS for DFX (L2).

Bridged DFX (PoS): (No longer supported, migrate to the new CCIP Enabled DFX (L2))
Learn how to migrate your old DFX (PoS) here:

Tokenomics ✨

Total Supply: 100,000,000
Every stakeholder, including founders and investors will be distributed tokens on a continual basis, with the bulk of the tokens distributed to the community as follows. By month 96, all 100 million tokens will have been distributed.

Allocation ⚖️

Each allocation is vested linearly within its own period.
Holders 🧙‍♂️
Vesting Period
Liquidity Providers
96 months
Treasury - Ecosystem DAO
36 months
Pre-Seed (9 investors)
24 months
Seed (11 investors)
36 months
Future Token Sale
36 months
Founders (4 founders)
36 months
Dev Fund
36 months


Note: The image below shows the 'Genesis' & 'Month 96' distribution charts.

Liquidity Pool Distribution

More than half of the total token supply will be distributed to the community over the span of 96 months and much of that will be towards the LPs. This ensures that the community will have majority control of the protocol in the long run.
The allocation of DFX tokens for LPs will be split into 3 intervals of 32 months each. The amount distributed per interval will decline as time goes on, starting with 65% being distributed in the first interval.
Interval 📅
Month 1 to 32
Month 33 to 64
Month 65 to 96
During each interval, the allocated tokens are vested linearly across the 32 months and split across different pools, to be decided on a monthly basis. Once the DAO is live, DFX token holders will vote to determine the allocation between each pool.