Anyone can take part in the DFX governing process, and anyone that holds the veDFX can vote on proposals and redirect emissions to their favorite liquidity pools. Governance is what makes decisions about new features and the directions the DFX Protocol should/could go.
Governance is what ultimately powers the DFX Protocol.

Governance URLs 🔗

Gauges: (Where you can vote for gauges to redirect emissions) Locking: (Where you can lock DFX for veDFX & play with the veDFX Calculator) Forum: (Where you post proposals for community sentiment) Voting: (Where you can vote for new gauges and proposals to be added to the DFX protocol)

​Governance Process 🏛️

The DFX Governance process starts from a simple discussion, to proposal, to a vote and finally, to full on implementation. This process is meant to be easy, safe, transparent, and a way to continue progressing the future for the DFX Protocol.

​DFX Token

Voting power is directly represented in the form of locking DFX token, veDFX. veDFX holders are eligible to vote on proposals that are relevant and accel the overall vision for the protocol.
Ethereum DFX Token Address: 0x888888435fde8e7d4c54cab67f206e4199454c60​
Polygon DFX Token address: 0xE7804D91dfCDE7F776c90043E03eAa6Df87E6395​

​Snapshot 📸

Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy to verify and hard to contest results. All DFX Governance Votes will take place on Snapshot.