A list of frequently asked questions about DFX Finance.

General Questions

Where can I buy the DFX token?

We do not currently recommend buying and selling the DFX token on the open market.

If you would like to own the governance token, we suggest supplying liquidity to one of the DFX pools.

However, Sushiswap pools exist, but please be aware that they have very low liquidity and the price is unlikely to be stable.



Token Page


Add Liquidity






Where can I buy the stablecoins?

Visit the stablecoins pages on the sidebar to purchase through the stablecoin issuers. If you are looking to purchase them on-chain, our pools have the best price:

DFX stablecoin swap


What are the tokenomics of the DFX token?

See the DFX Token page.

Who is on the DFX team?

See the DFX Finance LinkedIn page.