How to Supply Liquidity

Learn how to supply liquidity to the DFX AMM Liquidity Pools and earn DFX tokens.

Step by Step (Old V1 UI Video)

Step by Step (Pictures of V2)

Step 2: Connect your wallet by either using MetaMask, WalletConnect, Gnosis Safe or Coinbase Wallet.
Note: The Coinbase Wallet option is only accessible via mobile device.
Example of connecting wallet on desktop

Step 3: Once your wallet is connected, the "Add Liquidity" button will become clickable.
Example of pool ratio and "Add Liquidity" button.

Step 4: When adding liquidity, the deposit must respect the current pool ratio. Once you click "Add Liquidity", you will be able to deposit on either single sided and two sided. 🙌
When adding single sided liquidity, the contract takes a portion of your total and does a swap in the background using the DFX AMM to get the appropriate ratio to deposit into the pool. The LPT value when doing single sided deposit is a minimum estimate and you may have some dust left over from the conversion.
Example of single and two sided
Est. Pool Allocation
This represents the value of your allocation of the pool based liquidity you are providing. The more liquidity you provide the higher the value and the higher the fees it will generate for you.
Deposit Value
This is the total USD value of the tokens you are about to deposit.
Pool Share
This is the percentage of your pool share based on the amount of liquidity you are providing.
Oracle Slippage
This swap incurs slippage relative to the oracle rate due to an imbalance in pool assets.
Oracle Bonus
This swap receives a bonus relative to the oracle rate due to an imbalance in pool assets.

Step 5: When providing liquidity, there will be a total of 3 transactions.
  • One to approve the foreign stablecoin (CADC, EURS, XSGD, etc.).
  • One to approve USDC.
  • One to deposit the stablecoins.
Example of the 3 transactions
Once you have successfully added liquidity, the following will become active.
  • The option to "Stake" your liquidity pool tokens (LPTs) to earn DFX rewards/yield.
  • The option to "Remove Liquidity".

Step 6: You are going to want to hit "Stake" in order to deposit your LPTs.
Example of Un-Staked LPTs

Step 7: Enter the amount of LPTs you want to stake and click "Stake".
Example of Staking LPTs

Step 8: After you have successfully deposited the LPTs, you will see a staked amount under the "Staked" tab.
Example of Staked LPTs & Rewards being earned.
🎉Congratulations, you are now earning DFX tokens!🎉

Polygon &
Arbitrum Bridge.

Note: There are alternative bridges out there. However, its best to use the ones specifically built by their respective Developers to avoid any potential complications.
The cost associated with bridging is about 100,000 to 150,000 gas which is roughly equal to making a standard swap in any AMM. At about 20-30 gwei gas price, it should be under $10 to bridge tokens to Polygon.
Allow about 10 minutes after the transaction has been mined on Ethereum for it to appear in the same wallet on Polygon. You can view your wallet on similar to