Ambassador Program

The program was first mentioned on the DFX forum back in December of 2021 by a community member and now DFX Ambassador, Big Baz. Link:

The motivation for the Ambassador Proposal:

This proposal seeks to utilize the passion and skills of the DFX community and will help to increase the reach of DFX in each of the ambassadors’ respective countries. A problem in this already busy and burgeoning DeFi space is exposure and education.

The problem is two fold:

1. Expanding the DFX community 🌐
2. Educating new users to make sure they get the most out of the platform and retaining them as a by-product of this.
DFX core contributors have limited time and resources, and they are only present in a few regions. However, the global DFX community can greatly expand its reach with strategically located ambassadors across different countries. These ambassadors can communicate in local languages, making it easier to assist native users and create effective marketing and educational materials tailored to specific regions.

After speaking with the community and seeing all the support, the ambassador program was enacted. Since then, the program has went through two rounds with a total of 16 current members. 💜

Current Ambassadors:

How to get involved?

If you are interested in the role of an ambassador, join the official DFX telegram and start participating in the broader conversation with the community about stablecoins. As the protocol continues to grow, the need for ambassadors will arise and you will be able to apply! ✅
Hint: Those who are proven to be leaders and amazing community members will be first on the list! ✨