The DFX team has a long roadmap and vision for the protocol. This page will serve as a living document for the protocol's direction, goals, and milestones.

v0 Release

Estimated release: February 2021
This release is not optimized for trading stablecoins, and the prices may become wildly off-peg at times. Please be aware of the risks and slippages involved.
The point of this release is to:
  • Announce the launch of the DFX project
  • Begin community distribution of the DFX governance token
  • Bootstrap liquidity for: CADC, EURS, and XSGD
This release is built on top of Balancer Smart Pools and the Synthetix StakingRewards smart contract which has been battle-tested in the wild. You can review the Etherscan-verified source of the StakingRewards contracts here.

v0.5 Release

Estimated release: May 2021
The primary goals of this (beta) release is to launch a prototype of our new AMM design with the novel features, including a dynamic bonding curve based on oracle price feeds.
The team has decided to do a guarded release of these pools. Each address is allowed to provide up to $10k worth of liquidity into each pool. DO NOT SUPPLY MORE LIQUIDITY THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. Only addresses that have participated in the previous DFX pools can provide liquidity to the beta. Each pool will be allocated 5000 DFX tokens as liquidity mining rewards for the two week beta period.

v1 Release

Estimated release: June 2021
June 9th, 2021 marked the release of DFX v1. With the launch of DFX v1, DFX is able to provide low slippage real-time pricing for stablecoins denominated in currencies outside of the US Dollar.
The AMM facilitates a multi-sided market between liquidity providers, forex users and arbitrageurs. In the midst of this lies a DFX token that will be used to bootstrap initial liquidity of new foreign stablecoins and bring together a cohesive network of currencies previously unattainable in the DeFi space. This crowdsourced liquidity will provide increasing value to liquidity providers as their funds will be used to facilitate vast amounts of payments around the world settled in real-time for all parties.
The success of DFX lies in the community of users and liquidity providers. Without you, there will be no DFX. The goal of DFX is to provide the best pricing for forex trades using stablecoins to all users. With the release of v1, DFX becomes a critical DeFi money lego that will be used by various Dapps to facilitate forex swaps.


Estimated release: March 2022
DFX will be launching hybrid stablecoins in Q1 of 2022. We will start of with dfxCAD and if proven successful, will offer additional currencies in the hybrid stablecoin protocol.
dfxStablecoins provide additional use cases to be built for non-USD stablecoins that previously could not be built or was very difficult to build. By creating a higher efficiency and more widely available stablecoin, it promotes non-USD stablecoin adoption and usage across the globe.